Social Media in Barbados
"Content is King but he's nothing without the right message"

What WE Do

Social Media 

More than social media management.


 WE Specialise in creating content for social media. We create different types of content that are all tailored towards achieving tangible results. We can create it for you or advise your content creation strategies; either way WE will take your content game to the playoffs!.

Our Work
Our Work
Video Production 

Beyond the camera


Story telling is an art

Nothing drives audience engagement, brand recognition, and social media impacts quite like a good story and trust me, WE can tell a story!

Our Work
GCRMN Caribbean Video
Caribbean Foresight Scenarios
Barbados Too Sweet
Team Baywatch Giveaway
Celebrating 50 Barbados
Barbados "Sweet Drinks" Tax
Childhood Obesity in the Caribbean
Education & Training

The real new school


WE believe that knowledge is worth nothing unless it is shared. Whether it's through formal education, outreach and awareness, training workshops or multimedia for teaching WE we can help you to share that knowledge in a really engaging way.

Educational Content in Barbados
Supporting Education
Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.

This is the home of high quality Caribbean social media content. This is where individuals get creative and share to their work to educate, entertain and empower. WE Squared is more than a business, it's a movement. 

What are you looking for? Are you from the Caribbean and want to get Funny videos, Educational content, Someone to manage your social media, Make you a video or Start an amazing online campaign? Well then WE Squared is the right place.

Just give us a shout, let's see how WE can help.