What WE Do

It's simple, WE create and manage content. The type of content that people find hard to forget!

What WE Believe

If WE had a ‘dollar’ for every time WE heard the term ‘brand recognition’, WE’d be internet millionaires.


But what would really take the cake is if WE had a bitcoin for every time WE saw a mis-perception of what effective social media video campaigns in the Caribbean should look like, I am sure that WE could buy a whole island. Given this fact, it might be easier to start with what communication for building engagement, education and awareness IS NOT.


It is not:


  • An informational video with lots of facts.

  • A funny tagline that people remember.

  • A suite of multimedia tools that gets lots of traffic.


It’s a strong message! It’s all about the message! These things that WE listed can all play a part in communicating your message, but they are NOT your message.


Here’s the simplest way WE can put it; when you decide that you want to communicate, educate or innovate think about this: You need to have a message. A message that resounds with all that hear it. With a distinct and memorable standpoint. You have to create an expectation and deliver on it consistently every time.


So think about this: How do you want your viewers to feel about it? How do you want to influence their decisions?


Developing a strong, authentic message and delivering on it consistently is absolutely essential for effective communication. WE can help you to unearth the things that make your message special. To help differentiate your message amidst the informational bombardment that individuals experience every single day.  It’s the only way to be noticed in a world where unending information is available at everyone’s fingertips. Why should people ever listen to what you have to say?

You have to stand out…Let’s make it happen.


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In the true spirit of WE Squared, our partners must be shown the utmost regard as they have all played extraordinary roles in making what we do so special.

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WE Squared has engaged with companies and individuals across the Caribbean to do good work and build even better memories.

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