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Social Media has become  kind of a big deal! From party politics to online business, it's no longer a place reserved kids with too much free time. In our increasingly connected global landscape, social media is becoming the new town square. In this space, things are a bit different, persons can get their hands on all sorts of information from all over the place without ever breaking a sweat. So if you want your message to be heard, you have to make sure that it can hold its own in this rowdy battlefield. WE specialise in creating and managing content for social media, WE specialise in breaking through the noise.

Recent Projects​

  • AMCECC Project
  • Ministry of Health of Barbados
  • Chronic Disease Research Centre
  • Barbados Marine Management Areas

Film & Video

Caribbean Film

  • GCRMN Caribbean
  • Caribbean Foresight Scenarios
  • H2O : The Journey
  • Eggs of Another Kind
  • Man of The Sea

WE don't just make funny videos and things to pull at your heart strings for Social Media views, sometimes we engage with some serious film makers on all kinds of projects.


WE have a specific focus on documentary film making and educational shorts. If you want to learn more, partner on a project or support our work, just give us a buzz.

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Are you a company looking for advice on how to make local social media marketing work for you or for talented persons to work with on an upcoming gig? Or an individual looking to try your hand at this social media thing? Well don't worry, just give us a shout,  WE can help you to find all that you need to get your projects rolling or even manage you as social media talent ... either way, let's make it happen.

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